With its 496 km2 surface the Priorat has got a charm and personality that are unique. Not so long ago this region was completely unknown.

It is quite an undulating territory, surrounded by medium altitude mountain chains, such as the Montsant on the North side, the Argentera and the Montalt on the South side. The Siurana river flows right through the Priorat.

The capital is Falset, a small town of 2500 souls. It is the business center of the Priorat. The villages are quite spread out, yet at short distances from each other. There are winding roads, but lots of constructions have been undertaken in order to improve the links.

In spite of an arid soil, the landscape is quite green. Pine forests mix with almond and olive trees, offering sceneries of a rare beauty and enchantement. Since a couple of years, vine growing is coming back heavily - may be a little too fast in this region where nature has been quite preserved until now. How long will it last?


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